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About Wings and Roots

Our philosophy






Socially-conscious, irresistibly-delicious
We believe in a world without poverty, where people live rooted in a thriving community while at the same time have the opportunities they need to spread their wings. It’s a conviction we built right into our name: Wings and Roots.

We believe that social and economic opportunities are the wings that enable people to rise above poverty and transform their communities. We support this process by helping people who care contribute to transparent projects that make a tangible impact towards truly making a difference in others’ lives. We want to help people give back and feel good about something they do every day.

Whenever you purchase a product from us, you’ll be asked to make a small contribution to a project of your choice. 100% of your donation amount goes towards supporting your chosen cause. 0% goes towards executive salaries, expensive office space or advertising campaigns. Every cent you give is used to help real people in developing countries.

No one can solve all the world’s problems, but together, we can make a difference. Wings and Roots helps you contribute towards a better world and feel good about something you do every day.

Join us in our mission to give a gift and make a difference.